I’m a writer who doesn’t write. Wearing the Hunter S. Thompson/Elvis glasses for inspiration, I’m trying to garner enough material to try to make sense out of life.

Basically, this is what I do when I should be working.

Who are you?


12 thoughts on “About

  1. You asked about “The Hildebrand Rarity” on Twitter: I thought it a very good Ian Fleming short story (a passion of his rather than the full-length novels, I suspect). Also an invaluable addition to the history of the James Bond character, as it lets us see a less commonly explored part of his fictional life, on holiday.

    Dell Deaton

  2. Well, I am not yet addicted to the world of blogs though I do love Bob Dylan…its hard to get enough of him. Peace…Holly.

  3. Man, by chance you are one of the few that has the mp3 of “Lounge Act Sessions” recorded by Pomegranates in 2009 (which you indicate on your blog)? If so, could you please send to my email? I do not think the file anywhere, even on Itunes.

      • Dude, that cool! It would be great to have the record of these three holdings of Pomegranates – I think the band really cool and this last show in particular has a great setlist!

        If you can not attach the files separately in the e-mail, how would you package them and put them on Sendspace? Woe be enough to send me the link.

        I would be grateful, boy!

        My email is “gugasant@bol.com.br”.

        Again thank you for your attention!

      • If you do not bother, man, it would be better to join the files and attach them in sendspace same!

        Anyway, thank you so much!

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