Loot Crate: February


The February Loot Crate “Warriors” came in the mail yesterday. This is the third month I’ve gotten the box, and I’m still unsure whether I love the loot or the idea of the loot better.


February’s box came with some pretty cool stuff. The little magazine is a nice touch. Despite the fact that my camera phone had focus issues (which is pretty much a metaphor for my life) here’s what came in the box:


An Alpha Battle tee, from Shirt Woot!, complete with classic video games representing the letters (note: real tee shirt is not blurry). I didn’t get all of the references, but certainly appreciated the “Joust” and “Pitfall” shout outs. List price: $15.


A Bravest Warriors bow tie, from Frederator and Black Tie Geek. (Stuffed Jerry Garcia not included). What’s interesting about this is when you check the Black Tie Geek website, it says that the company is launching its first product through Loot Crate … so this is the first product it seems. However, on Ebay, Bravest Warriors ties are going for around $13.


A GPS (Gas Powered Stick) cinch bag … which always comes in handy. Buy it now on Ebay price: $5


A Dunny Sideshow box figure. I think I see these in Books-a-Million, right next to the “Dead Kenny” South Park figures. List price: $5-8


A love-themed greeting card from Open Me with the caption inside: “I love you more than bacon.” Off-the-wall greeting cards are always clutch. I spent too much time this Valentine’s Day trying not to gag as I selected cards for the wife. List price: $4 (mailed). This seems like something I should keep in the brain for special occasions.

Also included was a Bravest Warriors digital comic redemption card, Bravest Warriors stickers, and, a special surprise, a Warriors collectible pin … which is cool.


All in all, it’s a pretty cool box … retailing for about $45. So, for about $20, you get $45 worth of stuff (plus digital comic, sticker and pin).

Is it worth it? Hmmm … maybe I’ll give it one more month to make sure …


2 thoughts on “Loot Crate: February

  1. I was happy enough with the box. The t-shirt and the figure (I got a Bot figure) were my favorites, though. I don’t have much use for the rest of the stuff.

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