Photo of the Day: Michael Jordan, ca. 1990ish


At my first job out of college (talked about here), I had the fortune of covering Michael Jordan’s return to Chapel Hill in a NBA preseason game against the Miami Heat around 1990 or 1991. I rediscovered the photo when I recently uncovered a box of pictures. Even though it’s a little blurry and has some chemical spots, it’s still one of my favorite pictures.

Of course, the photo comes complete with a fuzzy memory.

I remember sitting on the floor under the basket and striking up a conversation with the Chicago Bulls beat photographer at the time … although I don’t remember his name (though it could’ve been Bill Kostrum … or anyone else on this list). He was very nice, had a slew of lenses and talked about the Bulls and traveling and taking pictures. When I said that Jordan probably gave him a lot of nice acrobatic shots, he kind of scoffed/chuckled and said, “Pfft, anyone with a camera can take a good picture of Jordan doing that!”

And so, 20 some odd years later, here’s proof.

Even if it is a little fuzzy.


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