Free mp3: The Wild Feathers

There’s just something about a classic rock/Americana song that brings a smile, isn’t there? Maybe?

Well, here’s today’s smile. Amazon has the breezy, witty “Got It Wrong” by The Wild Feathers for free as one of their “Free Music from Rising Artists” series. You can also swap an email for four free songs by the band via their website, if you don’t mind giving out that sort of thing.

The song sounds like Texas, in a Refreshments sort of way. Of course, the Refreshments were from Arizona, so the analogy breaks down a bit … maybe we should just say that it sounds like if The Refreshments were really from Texas.

Of course, if you have no idea who The Refreshments are, well, the whole last paragraph means nothing to you. Neither does this one. It probably also means you’re not a rabid Star Trek: The Next Generation fan.

Just download the song while I figure this thing out, OK?


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