Picture of the Day: Churton Street

churtonstreetWent through some old pictures over the holidays and found this one of Churton Street in Historic Downtown Hillsborough, N.C., circa 1990 or 1991.

I worked at The News of Orange County, founded in 1893, and whose offices were in the right foreground. It was my first “real job,” and it was a great experience. The receptionist (I forget her name) was very nice and had that stately southern drawl when she said, “Neeews of Ohrange …”

And of course, there was the laid-back editor who hired me, and the other one who came later and eventually went to work for K.C. & the Sunshine Band; there was a fellow reporter, Francine, I believe; David, the publisher; and the advertising saleslady, who was very funny and, of course, whose name I forget. (Sheesh … well, it IS a fuzzy memory, after all). The whole office got nervous when the big boss came over from the home office in central North Carolina. And on Tuesday, everyone pitched in to lay out the paper. Fun with scissors and tape and the hot wax machine …


Anyway, the shot is facing south. I remember eating soup and sandwiches at The Regulator Cafe. Across the street to the left, I htink, was an open lawn, the old Courthouse and the County Offices.

I wonder what this area looks like now? I’m sure 22 years of development has changed it, but, as the new year opens to new wonders, it’s a nice time to look back and remember.


2 thoughts on “Picture of the Day: Churton Street

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