Random of the Day: Sixpence None the Richer postcard


Found this among the mile-high stacks that make up the work desk. It’s a one-color promotional postcard for the band Sixpence None the Richer, circa early 1990s. It promotes a “Live Out of Town” disc (cassette?) that I’ve never seen nor heard of before (though, admittedly my Interweb research is light at best).

The postcard itself is a bit of a mystery. Who is the guy on the front? Why does it look like a ransom note? How many of them were made? This is definitely something different from what anybody else has.

sixpencebackI think I reviewed the band’s first full-length studio album The Fatherless and the Widow (1994), which contains one of my favorite Sixpence NTR tracks, “An Apology.” Although the music seems firmly planted in the early 90s, the lyrics still make me smile, mostly this little gem:

“I used my words like bullets in a gun to pick your ego off like skeet flung in the gallery of fools”

Matt Slocum’s lyrics and Leigh Nash’s teen voice — she was 16 when the album was released — gave this album a firm thumb’s up. And the band got better. Then they teamed up with Steve Taylor. Then they got more huge. Then they disappeared. Then they came back.

But this little gem of a postcard remains. Anyone ever seen it? Or the record it touts? Should I use it, or save it? Should I send it to someone I know, or a total stranger? Should I write to the address on the back and see what happens? What do you think?

In the meantime, here’s “An Apology”


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