Random of the Day: Steve Taylor t-shirt


Ran into this beauty at a Kangaroo store in central Florida. It’s a Steve Taylor “I Predict 1990” shirt.

Talk about random throwback. I have never seen a t-shirt for this album, much less in the Taylor-esque tongue-in-cheek style. A part of me thinks Taylor was before his time.

Anyway, a few years back, I picked up the vinyl for this album, which is listed among the greatest CCM albums of all time. At the time, the album was surrounded in controversy. For one, the album cover resembled a tarot card. For another, the opening track was entitled “I Blew Up the Clinic Real Good” (below), which turned heads on both sides of the abortion controversy.

The album came complete with a video album, somewhat foreshadowing Taylor’s eventual interest in feature film making. Most recently, Taylor directed Blue Like Jazz (2012), based on the book by Donald Miller. Tayor was also one of three people credited with screenwriting the film.

But, back to the random shirt sighting …

The beauty of the randomness, though, is the fact that the guy wearing it had no idea who it was on his shirt … it was just an old work shirt. He just stopped in to pick up some lotto, some beer and some cigs, but was wholeheartedly all-in when I asked if I could take a picture of his shirt (with a promise not to include his face). “Hey look,” he told another customer as I snapped the phone pic, “I’m gonna be famous!”

If he is, it’s probably not going to be because of the shirt.

But, like the saying goes: “One man’s ratty t-shirt is another man’s Internet post.”

Or something like that.


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