Nerd block, October


So, on a lark, I decided to check out one of those links that randomly appear in my inbox. This one was for Nerd Block, offering subscribers a box of random items every month. After a lot of existential anguish (and with the knowledge that I could cancel after one month, unlike those 10 CDs for a penny deals in the 1980s), I signed up.

The tantalizing thought of a box sitting on the front stoop and not knowing what’s inside was just too much. So you can imagine my disappointment at picking up the box, only to discover an itemized list on the outside:


OK, so surprise be darned to heck, then … there’s still a box full of stuff, right? Here’s what sat inside:


A Star Wars, Darth-Vader-As-Zombie “The Dark Side” t-shirt.


A DC Universe Mystery Mini figure from Funko.


A Spawn Mini-Trading Figure, Series 1.


An Aperture Laboratories Sentry Turret Figure.


A Marvel Eraser, Captain America.


An Adventure Time Shape-Shifting Jake Puzzle Game.


And a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sewer Coaster.


As best as I can research, the items retail at $33.75. This includes the Nerd Block price for the Dark Side t-shirt ($8), since I couldn’t find it anywhere else. It also includes the Nerd Block price of $1.49 for the sewer coaster. I also used $4.79 for the Spawn figure, though I saw prices as high as $7.99.

So, for about $13 in savings, you get random stuff. Until you count shipping … and since Nerd Block ships from Canada … and since I reside in Florida … the difference, to be honest, seems negligible.

Sorry Nerd Block. And sorry to my childish sense of obtaining random crap …

… of course, there is always Loot Crate


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