Well played, NPR

Hat’s off to NPR’s Morning Edition on the brilliant inside joke this morning.

Was listening to the morning news standard, as I’m apt to do in between commercials on the other morning show and requests for music from the kid in the back seat, and I heard this story, about South Dakota using state dollars to open up Mount Rushmore during this government shutdown madness.

And there, at the end of the story, some intern/producer/enlightened individual chose Mark Mothersbaugh‘s “Hardest Geometry Problem in the World” as the musical interlude between stories. What makes that so special? It’s only the opening song to the soundtrack of the Wes Anderson film … wait for it … Rushmore. (In case you’re curious, the song begins about 45 seconds into the video clip).

During the morning commute, trust me, it’s the little things.

Well played, NPR, well played.

As I’ve noted before, these kind of mediated inside jokes signify a few things, including:

  • someone on the NPR staff has a sense of humor;
  • they figure that some members of their audience does too; and,
  • more often than not, anything you hear in the media is intentional; there’s no happy accidents.

So listen up, people. The music in the background may mean more than just, you know, music in the background.

  Here’s the song without the movie context:


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