Nerd news: Andy Price sketch card


About a year ago, I pulled a reedemable art card out of a pack of Cryptozoic’s DC Comic’s The New 52 trading cards. About a month ago, I finally sent it in. Today, this is what I got.

It’s a hand-drawn oversized art card by Andy Price. It’s pretty cool. Traditional trading cards are 2.5 inches x 3.5 inches. This is about twice that size (4″ x 6″). It came packaged with the original card and a letter from the president of Cryptozoic.

While I easily found out who drew the card (it was in the letter), I had no idea who the character was. I think it’s Abigail Arcane or Abby Holland (who are the same person) … if we can believe the results of a Google search with the terms: “DC comics character white hair with black streaks.”

( … can we just take a moment and marvel at the ubiquitous deduction of Google? … )

With a few more clicks and wanders, I also found out this one is one of 15 out of only 49 oversized art cards created for the set.

Anyone else get one of these? Who was it? And, if anyone gets the chance, ask Mr. Price why he chose this character … it’s always interesting to hear the stories behind the pictures, don’t you think?

pricesketchback 1

(Other sketch cards.)


One thought on “Nerd news: Andy Price sketch card

  1. My first thought when I saw the character on the card was Rose Red from Fables but it obviously could not be her since that is DC Vertigo and she doesn’t have red hair. Pretty cool card though.

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