Thrift store find: LPs


Found these three gems in a bin at a local thrift store recently.Total spent: a whopping $3.48 (plus tax).

New idea: buy more vinyl from thrift stores.

All three were in pretty good condition, though the 1960 Bob Newhart The Button Down Mind Strikes Back — the gem of the bunch in my opinion — has a pretty crappy cover. The other two, Elton John’s Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 and James Taylor’s Greatest Hits are pretty standard for anyone of a certain age … and by that, I mean that I may or may not have had 8-track copies of these

CR8005ABL_sideI don’t normally go for LPs, but I bought one of those retro-type Crosley Cruiser turntables recently, despite what the Comic Book Store Guru (and many Internet sites) advised. The rumor is that these turntables ruin your vinyl. That’s fine, but my philosophy is this: you buy records to play, so play them!

Plus, at $1.16 per platter, who cares if it gets ruined after 300 plays?

Of course, I won’t be playing the mint copy of The Replacements’ Let It Be.

Even I have my limits.



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