Congratulations, Amy Grant!

action_grantSaw this panel in the recent issue of Superman’s Action Comics (#22). Clark and his blogmate Cat crash a Hollywood premiere gala and, lo and behold, look who’s on the guest list: Amy Grant

I had no idea she had so much cache! Her name on the guest list says (at least) three things:

  1. The writer/artist/inker/colorist was exposed to Amy Grant and listened to (listens to?) her music.
  2. That same person thought a relatively large portion of the audience would recognize her name as well.
  3. There is a sense of irony at play here.

I mean, why else would she be included on the same list as Hugh Grant? Sure, she’s got 6 Grammy awards and 22 Dove awards … but would you expect her name to appear as a reference in Action Comics? In a panel concerning a party in Hollywood.

It’s a little ironic … in the sense that it’s an incongruous contrast between a reality (comic book) and appearance (why is Amy Grant there?).

So, congratulations, Amy Grant … you have been elevated to that of Celebrity Ironic Device, which, seriously and without a hint of it here, is pretty cool!

Anyway, here’s the video most people associate with Amy Grant:

And here’s her new album.


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