Thrift store find: Partridge Family books

hauntedhallfront“Hello world there’s a book that we’re seeing … Come on get reading!”

Came across three Partridge Family books at a recent second-hand bookstore stop and I couldn’t resist … especially the one with Susan Dey on the cover. Ask any man of a certain age about Susan Dey of the Partridge Family and they’ll get this glazed look and say, “Groovy.”

Or maybe that’s just me. I remember sneaking peeks at Partridge Family reruns in syndication after school. We weren’t allowed to watch, so whenever Mom started to walk in we turned it real fast (which was quite a feat in those days because there was no remote control and only, like 4 TV channels, including PBS, which, really, shouldn’t count). Either that, or we just went to the neighbor’s house.

Anyway, turns out there were 17 Partridge Family books from Curtis Books, so it turns out that I’m about 20 percent of the way to having all of them.

I found #2, #5 and #10. See if you can sense a theme here.

#2: The Haunted Hall, written by Michael Avallone


The inside flap reads:

Shirley Partridge and the talented kids who call her “Mom” — Keith, Laurie, Danny, Christopher and Tracy — are the hottest rock group on the scene. As such, they thought they heard all the new sounds.

Then came the mysterious old house called “The Haunted Hall” and dug a new one: “Bo-o-o-o-o-o …”

#5 Terror by Night by Vic Crume


Inside flap:

“Keith dear?” a creepy, high-pitched voice crackled over the phone. “There’s a present for you and that darling family of yours. It’s at your back door.”

The line clicked dead.

Goosebumps lifted along Keith’s arms. Slowly, he put down the phone. Then he called out toward the porch, “Wrong number, Mom.”

There was one thing he was sure of — he didn’t want the family to know whatever it was that waited outside in the dark …

What I like about this one is the line on the back cover: “Complete and Unabridged.” Was there an incomplete and abridged copy of this book out there?

#10 Marked for Terror by Vic Crume


Inside flap:

Young Danny Partridge was just plain angry. His big brother, Keith, his sister, Laurie, his mother, Shirley, even the small-fry Christopher and Tracy — none of them would believe him when he told them about the mysterious messages he had uncovered and the grim danger that threatened their new neighbors.

All right then! He’d show them! He’s solve this mystery all by himself!

And when Danny suddenly found himself in the hands of a gang of vicious killers, it was too late for him to change his mind.

For Danny Partridge it was do or die …

Do you sense the theme? Kind of a teenage version of Scooby Doo and the gang with a little extra danger mixed in, it seems. I wonder how these would stack up to the current crop of teen lit out there?

Anyway, anyone ever read these books? Are there e-books of these available? I kind of would like to read them, but don’t want to damage/ruin them in the process.

Happy reading! And happy thrifting! In the meantime, take a stroll down memory lane with the TV show intro:


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