Off-topic movie review: Man of Steel


Saw Man of Steel on an Early Nerd Special and came away with a few random thoughts:

The movie is a lot like Thor in that it embeds a lot of science fiction-ey back story with an enhanced reality plot. Both movies are entertaining. Man of Steel is a little slicker … even after you find out that there’s no after-credits nugget and you feel like a dope for sitting through all the credits.

Apparently, Krypton exists in the same realm as Avatar‘s Pandora, with flying beasts as one of the main forms of personal transportation. Krypton is a bit more advanced, however, so it’s probably some sort of “evolved” Pandora, where the people have abused the planet so much that it’s destroying itself from within. Literally. Hmmmm … have they been talking to Al Gore?

Anyone else notice that Superman was 33? And in a near-climactic scene he strikes that “Christ on the Cross” pose. Hmmm … I’m not ready to commit my life to Kal-El, though. I’ll stick with the other guy.


I like Amy Adams and all, but I think I prefer my Lois Lane’s with dark hair.

I’ll bet Perry White/Morpheus wishes he would’ve taken the red pill. After all, we all know what the blue pill is for …

It’s always good to know that the Earth is pretty much spot on with the rest of the universe in relying on USB stick technology for keeping important documents. “That’s not my USB … that’s my ‘Hope stick.’ Take that, Cloud!


One of my favorite parts of the film was when General Zod went on a rant and said “duty.” Snicker, snicker … he said “duty.” Hey, give me a break, it was about 1:30 a.m.


If Man of Steel, The Avengers, Iron Man, Hulk, Transformers, or, heck, even Ghostbusters has taught us anything, it’s that big cities of the future should not be so tall … I mean, look at all that destruction. If all buildings were no more than, say, 3 stories tall I think the collateral death toll (not to mention insurance costs) would definitely decline. And with Pacific Rim on the horizon, this issue should be taken more seriously. And since the whole world is going to be ruined by zombies after World War Z anyway, what’s the point of tall buildings?


… But that may be a little off topic.


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