Retro Wednesday: Detective Comics #345


Picked this up at a local store recently. It’s Detective Comics #345 from November 1965, and while the 48-year-old cool factor is there, it’s the headline that seems a little apropos for this week.

“The Blockbuster was too touch an opponent for Batman, but not for Bruce Wayne!”

The big blockbuster this week is, of course, The Man of Steel. If you haven’t heard about this movie you probably don’t have a television. You probably don’t read. You probably don’t go into stores. You probably don’t have a computer, which is odd, because if you’re reading this now and don’t have a computer you are magical and are therefore exempt from this conversation.

Man of Steel tie-ins are everywhere. I feel like I’ve seen a third of the movie just from watching the numerous different trailers that have been released.

So it raises a question: who will have a bigger weekend — Man of Steel or The Dark Knight Rises? Where will The Man of Steel rank in box office history? Some would argue that The Dark Knight Rises may have been hindered a bit by the Colorado theater shooting, but it still made history.

According to Box Office Mojo, the largest weekend openings of all time are:

  1. The Avengers ($207,438,709)
  2. Iron Man 3 ($174,444,185)
  3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 ($169,189,427)
  4. The Dark Knight Rises ($160,887,295)
  5. The Dark Knight ($158,411,483)

So while Superman beat out Batman at auction (Action Comics #1 vs. Detective Comics #27). the new question is this: will Superman beat out Batman at the box office?

My prediction: yes … and no.

Yes, Man of Steel it will have a huge opening weekend, most likely top 5. However, Batman holds a commanding lead at the box office. Looking again at the Mojo, the five Superman films (starting with Christopher Reeve) made a combined $518,116,559. The Dark Knight, on its own, grossed $534,858,444. The seven Batman films (starting with Burton’s Batman) grossed a combined $2,807,456,265 … or $2.8 billion. The average Batman film has grossed $401 million. The average Superman film has grossed $103 million.

Granted, these are different times and Superman is hindered by Superman IV: The Quest for Peace ($15 million), but even Schumacher’s worst did over $100 million (Batman and Robin, $107 million).

So while Man of Steel promises to elevate the Superman box office power, it’ll probably take more than a yellow sun to power him past the Dark Knight.

What do you think?

While you’re thinking, here’s (another) trailer:


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