Free mp3: Generationals

Today’s free mp3 comes from Louisiana-based band Generationals, whose single “Spinoza” is available for free from Amazon.

It’s a solid summer tune, with bright, airy guitars and drive-time drum beat. It’s poppy. You bounce your head to it, if you’re into that sort of thing … or you can just sit back and brood in the corner.

It’s good. It’s free. It’s summer. It’s music. It’s a Monday-brightener. It’ll make your commute that much shorter. I mean, any song named after a Dutch philosopher can’t be all bad, right? I mean, Spinoza was kicked out of Judaism and his books have been forbidden by the Catholic Church … but, who’s perfect? But that’s got nothing to do with the song.

Either way, downloading this will give you something to do while you should be doing something else. At work, it’ll make you look busier than you actually are. At home, it’ll keep you from bidding on eBay and wasting money on that semi-scarce item that you really want, but can’t bid on because then the other geeks will know you want it.

Or is that just me?


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