Obscure movie, great soundtrack

gonegreenDo you enjoy a movie that no one’s heard of? Do you enjoy that movie’s equally-obscure soundtrack and think others should hear it too? Then you see where this is going.

I first heard about Everything’s Gone Green (2006) because I enjoy reading Canadian author Douglas Coupland. I first saw the movie on IFC and could easily see Coupland’s hand on the script, the mood, the awkward situations … and the soundtrack.

Regardless of what you think (or think you would think) of the movie (see trailer below), the soundtrack is definitely worth checking out. It’s staffed by under-appreciated Canadian artists (which, I think, is a bit of a redundancy … “under-appreciated” and “Canadian,” that is … not “Canadian” and “artists”).

As I was watching the film, though, I found myself digging the soundtrack. From the opening strains of Black Mountain’s “No Satisfaction,” through the rest of the film, I found myself consistently surprised at the quality of the tracks.

The best song on the track is “Birdsong” by The Golden Dogs. This song is pretty much a go-to staple for Car Rental Soundtracks.

Other standout tracks include:

“Break You” by Hawaii

Black Mountain‘s “No Satisfaction” …

… and Sloan‘s “Everything You’ve Done Wrong.”

Anyway, if you stream music look up the soundtrack and check it out for yourself. As you do, though, think about the movies you like that no one’s heard of … but should at least hear the soundtrack.

Post comments below. Meanwhile, here’s the trailer for the film:


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