On second thought …


I wonder if Johnny Rotten ever has regrets …

Like, becoming a plastic doll.

What kind of cultural processes are at work when we can take one of the most feared figures in punk history (remember the media “panic” they caused when they came to America?) and make them a child’s toy? I think I’ve talked about this before

It’s like we take a real thing (a human, in this case, Johnny Lydon) and, through the media — either through their manipulation or our fascination — create something abstract and unreal (Johnny Rotten). But the mediated abstraction is too hard to possess, so we make the abstraction real (a caricature doll). That way we can hold it, and, in the mean time, forget about the real thing in the first place.

It becomes a copy of a copy … a cartoon, if you will. Maybe all modern life is this pursuit of not the “real,” but a copy of the real. Something manageable. Look at our social media … we manage our friends through sites that allow us to dictate our access to them and them to us, creating a semblance of a relationship that, though real, is not the same as a physical reality of a friendship. Are we’re left with is a cartoon of a friendship.

All pop culture leads to hyper-realized cartoons.

I can’t complain though. How can I?

I’m the one who bought the dang thing in the first place.

In the meantime … here’s a little of the “cartooning” process …


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