Thrift Store find: Vintage political button


Found this little gem on a recent thrift store/antique run around town and, given the current state of politics these days, it seemed fitting to pick it up.

Currently, I think I’d like to not only split the ticket, but pretty much rip it in half and reach for another.

However, after a thoroughly underwhelming Internet search, I couldn’t find the time period this was made. I’m guessing 1970s. Does anyone know?

Here’s some clues:

  • On the left side of the button, there’s a copyright symbol, followed by the name “M. Peterson”
  • On the right side of the button, there’s an AFL-CIO logo.

I like how the Democratic donkey is facing left and the Republican elephant is facing right as you look at it. But, if you’re wearing the button and looking down, the elephant faces left and the donkey faces right. Hmmm …

No wonder politics is such a mess … we don’t know where to put the animals so everyone sees the same thing.

Anyway, if anyone knows some information about this button, let me know.


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