Honda’s nod to Wes Anderson?

Anyone else notice a Wes Anderson/Moonrise Kingdom influence in the lastest Honda Accord commercial, “Gas Station Kids”?

The first time I saw the commercial, which has been running since March, it reminded me of the interactions between the nerdy Sam and misfit Suzy. The boy in the commercial even has the unruly swoop of Sam’s hair. The awkward mature-but-not-quite dialogue interplay also seems familiar.

Of course, the Honda commercial is not the best Wes Anderson-influenced commercial. That, of course, would go to American Express.

Now … let’s just try to figure out why Honda is copying Wes Anderson’s stylings to sell cars. What does that say about the Accord’s target audience? What does that say about Wes Anderson’s target audience? Are the target audience’s the same? If so, what does that mean for Wes Anderson’s future prospects as a filmmaker? Hmmmm …

What does all this say to people who read way too much into television commercials?

I’ll have to get back to you on the last one … but what do you think about the first four?


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