Hulk pants, Hulk shoes and a Bigfoot


Originally posted on Instagram, this conundrum has vexed me since The Incredible Hulk primetime show in the : Just how does the Hulk keep his pants on?

But a bigger conundrums (conundra?) have vexed me since re-watching that show recently.

For instance, even if I grant you the pants (this is America, you can’t just run around without pants anymore), how come the Hulk wears shoes? Why are they green? Bruce Banner never wore green shoes.


Is he wearing a precursor to Toms or were they Miami Vice leftovers? Are they bedroom slippers? Did the Hulk just wake up? That would explain the half-dressed appearance. More importantly, though, what the heck is that in the background?


Is that a butt or a calf? Is this photographic evidence of Bigfoot … singular … as in One Big Foot?

How does this creature walk? Does he just hop? And why is he hailing a taxi? Where does he have to be on a Friday in rush hour?

It’s enough to keep you thinking … on a Friday, at least. For about 10 rambling minutes maybe.


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