Milestones in Mullet History: Paul Young


Was listening to an old Sound Opinions Podcast recently and they talked about 80s crooner Paul Young, whose very name immediately conjured up pictures of a topic I haven’t visited in a while: the glorious mullet.

For those who weren’t there in the 1980s and think I’m poking fun, you just don’t get it. If you were breathing, you had a mullet. It’s that simple. Looking back and laughing does no one any good. And with rumors of a Mullet Comeback (which, let’s face it, is more likely than a Zombie Apocalypse, if you are looking for something to prepare for), it may be wise to take a ramble of reflection.

The significance of the Paul Young Mullet, or PYM, as I like to call it, is that it questions the very basic tenet of the mullet. While longtime wisdom holds that the mullet is “Business in the front, party in the back,” the PYM stands tall and firm and says, “Oh no … we party in the front, too.”

paulyoungmulletAnd what a party it is … I mean, look at it. The PYM sacrifices some of the length in back to actually draw attention to the front and all its spiky glory. If you think about it, the hair statement makes sense. There’s no sense mixing business with party, it ruins the party, and, eventually, will ruin the business.

So thank you, Paul Young. The PYM is a milestone for showing us that the mullet is all party … and that’s serious business.


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