Thrift store find: Lassie


Found this little beauty not really at a thrift store, but at my parents’ house on a recent visit. To be clear, I’m not calling my parents’ house a thrift store, but there is a lot of stuff that I get to sift through and take every now and then.

Lassie: Lost in the Snow by Steve Frazee is another of my Whitman Publishing pickups. Frazee (1909-1992) wrote three Lassie books for Whitman between 1968-1979. Lost in the Snow was written in 1969. Frazee also wrote another crossover books, including Disney’s Zorro (1958), Bonanza (1966) and High Chaparral (1969). Goodreads has a more complete list of his writing.

I never really cared for Lassie in the same way I never really cared for Superman. Both are icons, sure, and you need to respect that with some knowledge of their existence. But knowing them and loving them are two different things.

I think Lassie used to come on TV in the afternoons after school growing up, which gives it a rosy kind of glow in my brain.

Ah, after-school syndicated television …

When I think about those days of television I think of how much the children of today are missing out by not having a consistent stable of syndication in play after school and before the evening news. I mean, I shudder to think of who I would be if I never watched The Brady Bunch, Gilligan’s Island, The Andy Griffith Show, Hogan’s Heroes, or, heck, even Wild Wild West. I mean, think of all the brain cells I could be using for more fruitful purposes than:

  • knowing how Marcia broke her nose,
  • who “Little Buddy” is,
  • where Barney keeps his bullet and
  • where the tunnel and radio are

… and I won’t mention anything about knowing that Dr. Lovelace’s first name being “Miguelito.”

Of course, those brain cells are some of my favorites, so, you know, I don’t mind.


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