The Heat = Cop Out ?


Is it just me, or does the slow-running train wreck that appears to be the new Sandra Bullock movie The Heat seem like a female version of Cop Out?

Why in the world would we need a female version of Cop Out? To prove that women can produce rambling, thoughtless, mediocre comedy just like their male counterparts? We don’t need that. Isn’t that what Bridesmaids was for?

Is this the formula? Take one “respectable” movie star, mix in a “hot, fresh” comedic star and watch them fizzle? Let’s face it, even The Good Guys had the sense not to take itself seriously. Even Dragnet had the sense to play up the caricature.

That being said … I’ll probably see it eventually.

Train wrecks are like that …

On a side note: look at the Cop Out poster: It appears the movie stars Bruce Tracey and Willis Morgan.


Now THAT is a movie I can get behind.


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