Free mp3: “Bizarre Love Triangle” by Chipocrite

Was reading the ol’ Lebowski Fest website and came across Chipocrite.

The Chipocrite website led me to the free download of New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle” played totally through 8-bit Nintendo Gameboy sound. Sound awesome? It should.

It’s like using 1980s technology in the 2010s to recreate 1980s technology …

It’s like using a VHS player to watch a Blu-ray copy of Sixteen Candles on video …

It’s like using an 8-track player to listen to a lossless audio download transferred through a cassette recorder …

It’s like watching Arnold Schwarzenegger stand in front of a green screen to play a small-town sheriff …

But that’s a post for later.

In the meantime … if you’re of a certain age or of a certain mindset, this is beautiful. Download it yourself, put on your parachute pants and moonwalk across the floor.

In the meantime … enjoy the original:


6 thoughts on “Free mp3: “Bizarre Love Triangle” by Chipocrite

  1. My BFF and I had to choreograph an aerobics routine to this for Gym class in high school. I can still recall some of the moves. We thought we were such clever new-wavers…

    • Sounds like a good time … did you have one of those checkered-print bandanna headbands, too? I’ll bet if I looked hard enough, I’d find one around here somewhere.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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