Random of the Day: “Moonrise Kingdom” tribute song

As Wes Anderson’s wonderful Moonrise Kingdom continues its march toward NOT getting an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, it seems fitting that this video has popped into consciousness. (Granted, the song was published on Halloween 2012, so it seems my consciousness is pretty slow … again.)

Now I know nothing about Liz Fanora Jones, but if this is any indication, maybe I should. The video wonderfully captures the spirit of the movie. The costuming is great. The lyrics are a tribute. Overall, it’s like a refreshing mint after a binge of convenience store coffee.

And, there’s even a free download!

… I wonder if she like Bottle Rocket

Of course, this isn’t the only cool tribute song for a movie. I came across this ode to The Big Lebowski a while ago … but it’s always worth revisiting.

And … of course, the greatest tribute of all time …


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