LPs in the mail = Good mail day


A good mail day is typically one when the envelope doesn’t have a window. This was a good mail day.

Got a pair of Sacred Spirits LPs from the short-run vinyl label Broken Circles.

Of course, the obvious question is: “Why world did you get two? Is one for me?”

No … sorry. I just ordered two of the three colors.


Sacred Spirits is an indie band from Cincinnati. I know the guitarist/singer and, while I’m always game for helping someone out, I bought these because I wanted them. And the cover photo is cool.

You can never have too much colored vinyl. I think I read that on a wall somewhere.

Anyway, you get a free mp3 download of the album when you purchase the LPs. Sacred Spirits’ Some Stay album used to be a free download on The Recording Label, though now you get a different website written in Chinese (I think) about tinnitus … which is obviously ironic.

If you’re curious, though, here’s a song from the disc. As for me, I’m going to camp out by the mailbox and see what comes next.

What is a good mail day for you?


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