Marxist Presidents?


Took a trip to the old home museum and found these presidential statues.

There they were, probably where we kids and grandkids had left them through the years, crammed together with random Lego blocks, faded metal trucks, and old, plastic red and green cowboys and Indians.

These seem to be part of a larger set from toymaker Louis Marx, called, appropriately enough, “The Presidents of the U.S.” Pictured are two Roosevelts, a Hoover, a Cleveland and a Garfield. There may have been a few others in the carnage.


These guys look pretty rough. I remember more than one of them being ripped from his pedestal … which, giving the current state of our culture, seems a little metaphoric.

Isn’t it funny how things just hang around? And the longer they hang around, the more valuable — personally and, sometimes, financially — they become. Maybe it’s not the things themselves that are truly valuable, it’s the time.

Hmmmm …

Anyway, anyone else have these? Are these, indeed the Marxist Presidents?

P.S. Found this random video about the set. The voice-over work is incredibly delicious!



3 thoughts on “Marxist Presidents?

  1. I got here via a “Garfield” search and have never heard of these toys before. They’re something else. Weirdest thing I ever remember playing with as a child was a red “Huckleberry Hound” doll that had been my Mom’s. (Wasn’t Huckleberry blue?) Anyway, this was a fun read. I hope your research yields more information on these guys.

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