Thrift store find: Gay Parties

gaypartiesfrontI realize it’s a cultural thing, but it’s kind of hard to keep from snickering whenever I see this book, which was a gift from a thrift store maven.

It’s humorous to see the reactions from co-workers as well, since this book is displayed pretty prominently on the desk right now.

Oh society … why must we turn things into middle school boy humor?

Anyway, this book was released in 1950, by E.O. Harbin, the author of such books as The Fun Encyclopedia (1940) and Phunology (1923).

In this volume, Harbin offers up party ideas for every season. From the dust jacket:

A circus — rodeo — witches’ carnival — white elephant party — gypsy picnic — treasure hunt — these are just a few of the 72 gay, easy-to-give parties planned for you in this sparkling fun book!

There are parties especially for the family, for fall, winter, spring, and summer — and games and stunts for all occasions.

The book also includes 10 pages of riddles to help liven a party, including these gems:

  • Which is the largest room in the world? The room for improvement.
  • What is it that every living person has seen but will never see again? Yesterday.
  • Why is an angry boy just about to start a fight like a clock at 59 minutes and 59 seconds past 12 o’clock? Because he’s ready to strike one.

Feel free to use any of these riddles today … it’ll may make it a little more gay. In a good way.

What odd books have you come across lately?



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