Nerd News: Azrael sketch card


Pulled this hand-drawn Azrael from a purchase of Batman: The Legend trading cards by Cryptozoic. Pretty stoked about it, though I really have no idea what the heck an Azrael is (yes, I did look it up, so, yes, that could be an overstatement.)

The artist is Daniel Gorman, who does a lot of comics work on the side from his full-time medical/legal illustrator career. I’m guessing that no only can he sketch superheroes, but regularly composite sketches bad guys for the police in Kent, Ohio. I wonder … are law enforcement sketch drawings as collectible as sketch cards? Hmmmm …


I’m liking the Batman set overall, and still have a long way to go to complete the set, so … you know … I’ll stop writing here.

(Other sketch cards.)


3 thoughts on “Nerd News: Azrael sketch card

  1. Yeah, it’s easy to get this guy mixed up with the Azrael from the Teen Titans – although they look nothing alike. This one is an assassin. Here’s his bio:

    The name traditionally means “Angel of Death,” so it’s pretty suited for an assassin. When I saw the picture, I thought this might be related to one of Raven’s incarnations, but it’s not. The Azrael associated with Brother Blood in the Teen Titans is a different character altogether. This one is a Bat Man storyline character. It’s not a bad picture. The style reminds of of FlameRaven – an artist on DA.

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