Domo Arigato, Art-O-Mat Roboto


While waiting for a ride at the Lakeland Library Saturday, I sauntered over to the Polk Museum of Art and talked myself into an Art-o-Mat token.

The Art-o-Mat is kind of like a lottery machine for people who like to get some random arty stuff. I wrote about one in 2011, a painted block the size and shape of a cigarette box, though I still haven’t found out the artist.

This time, I got a robot from Obvious Front. What I like about these robots is that they are made from old computer parts. Here’s my robot:


Can anyone identify the parts? Is it a Commodore 64?

The robot comes in its own styrofoam carrying case that fits perfectly inside a gold matte spray-painted (more like paint spritzed, which is a cool effect) cigarette box, of course. It also comes with a couple photo cards, one on the outside that says “obvious front” and “Cyberdada,” and one on the inside that explains the process:

“Obvious Front Capacitor Robots are built with lead-free solder using electronic components salvaged from discarded TVs, computers and VCRs. Legend has it that hanging a robot charm by your computer will prevent crashes”

Has anyone else used an Art-o-Mat lately? What did you get? Did you get a robot, too? Let me see it!

And so … in honor of our new friend, here’s a Monday video:


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