Lesson of the Day: “Amen Brother”

Stuff I learned yesterday:

  1. This is “Amen Brother,” by The Winstons in 1969. It’s a cool track and I pretty much immediately bought an mp3 copy. It’s the B-side to the band’s hit “Color Him Father,” also available on many R&B compilations.
  2. The “Amen Brother” spawned the “Amen Break.”
  3. The “Amen Break” is one of the most ubiquitous/well-known breaks in popular culture. (See documentary below. It’s worth the time investment. And the robot-like narration. And the interesting setting and cut-away shots.)

Two more lessons:

  1. The things that happened in the 1960s are still shaping us today.
  2. There’s a lot of cool music out there beyond our comfort zones. Maybe we should push them once in a while.

Thanks to N8 for the heads up on the documentary.

What have you learned lately?


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