Fuzzy memories: Lou Donaldson

Congratulations to saxophonist “Sweet” Lou Donaldson, name as one of the 2013 NEA Jazz Masters.

Lou Donaldson’s name evokes a fuzzy memory, and that was the idea for this post. But, it turns out, the memory is so fuzzy that I can’t even begin to make a coherent statement about it. So I need your help.

Here’s all I got: I actually saw Donaldson and his band at the Stanly County (N.C.) Agri-Civic Center in the early 1990s. I was working at The SNAP (that’s The Stanly News and Press to you …) and one of the reporters was a big fan. He set the whole thing up as a fund-raiser, I think.

That’s it. It all gets much fuzzier from there

When was the show? I dunno, early 1990s I think. What was the name of the reporter? I’m ashamed to say I forgot. Did I take someone with me to the concert? Uhm … maybe? How was the show? Well, good, I guess … though the main thing I remember was Dr. Lonnie Smith’s turban (by the way, dibs on a “Lonnie Smith’s Turban” Twitter account and Jazz/Emo band name). Seriously, at the time I didn’t know jazz from Lincoln Center. (I’ve since some to realize that Lincoln Center is a building. Still a little unsure on jazz.)

I actually have an autographed copy of the program to prove it. If, of course, I could find it.

So I need your help: anyone know anything about this concert? I know Donaldson has been to his home-county Stanly many times, but I’d like information about this specific concert.

For help with the reporter’s name, I think there was a “C” in it. He was a city reporter. It was during the time that David Deese was the editor.

So, please, help me clear my fuzzy memory and give this jazz legend more props!


2 thoughts on “Fuzzy memories: Lou Donaldson

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