Free mp3: Kylie Auldist

Is this the 1970s, when pop, funk, and soul were not marketing categories but descriptions of soda, moodiness, and your mortal coil?

If so, take me back and make this song part of my playlist. For free. Amazon has Kylie Auldist’s “Counting on You” as a free download. It’s worth it.

OK, I have to be honest: I know nothing about Kylie Auldist, and will probably do little more than a google search to find out more … but just on the strength of this song, I’ll do that search with a smile on my face. That’s got to be enough, right?

It’s kind of a Jackson 5 meets Sharon Jones meets Superfly and creates a catchy three-and-a-half minute ditty that will warm any cold day, brighten any rainy day and chill out the hot days enough to make you feel cool.

Download it yourself, for free, and tell me I’m wrong.

Go ahead. Download. Comment. Repeat. Suggest. Whatever.


One thought on “Free mp3: Kylie Auldist

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