Fuzzy memories: Edgar Winter Group

I know this is a little predictable for Halloween, but I think everyone should take 10 minutes out of their day at least once a year to relish the wonderful, over-the-top excesses of early 1970s rock and roll.

Today is that day. Edgar Winter is that excess.

This song is so fitting for today. I mean, look at the scary costumes: the jump suits, the high-waited pants, the platform shoes, the long, un-moussed hair … it’s frightening and beautiful.

And the 10-minute rendition of “Frankenstein” encapsulates everything 70s rock and roll was all about: a drum solo (starting at 3:48), an early version of a keytar, dramatic cacophony and pounding on the keyboards (at about 6:22), synthesizers that are actually controlled in real time (at about 6 minutes), right there, on stage, in front of God and everybody! (gasp!).

The song seems to turn up every 5 to 10 years or so in pop culture. I think it’s time again. Do your part. Play it loud.

My brother had this album (of course! … he’s the same one who let me watch this). They Only Come Out at Night by the Edgar Winter Group features a topless, albino in glossy red lipstick and a diamond necklace leaning into an imaginary wind as his colorless long locks and chops flow like water.

Even the back of the record is a time capsule snapshot.

I always thought I was raised in a very conservative home, but, looking at this album, I realize my parents were pretty progressive in letting us find our own musical way. And gritting their teeth every moment of it.

I wonder if my parents still have that album, right next to an old Wendy Bagwell record … now if you know who THAT is, we may have had similar upbringings.

Anyway, back to Edgar Winter, here’s a few notes:

Playing guitar is Rick Derringer, who had his own moment of classic 70s rock in “Rock and Roll, Hootchie Koo.”

Playing bass is Dan Hartman, who I fondly remember as the man who gave us this song from the movie Streets of Fire:

Sigh … I love that movie. But that’s a different kind of fuzzy memory.


One thought on “Fuzzy memories: Edgar Winter Group

  1. Man, I totally missed out on Halloween! Well, we had a Peace Corps party, but that was on the 17th. I didn’t get one single reese’s! If that isn’t Horror, I don’t know what is!?

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