Nerd news: New 52 art card

Pulled this one out of the recently-released Cryptozoic’s DC Comic’s The New 52 Trading Card box. I’ve received plenty of sketch card, but this is the first redemption card, so it’s kind of odd.

From what I understand, there were only 50 of these cards commissioned, and, if eBay is any indication, having one of these seems to have a market value … even if it seems a bit inflated. Of course, part of the “value” stems from not knowing what you get back in return.

So, the big question is: do I redeem it, or do I sell it and let someone else redeem it?

Who am I kidding? The envelope is ready. Of course, I have until September 2014 to think about it …

Anyone else out there pulled one and redeemed it yet? I’ve seen some examples posted on different blogs, but I’m curious to see what comes back to real people.


5 thoughts on “Nerd news: New 52 art card

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