Random Confession of the Day

Random Confession of the Day: I have been known, with the right lack of sleep and the right circumstances in life, to tear up (not cry, per se …) at the hug scene at the end of The Big Lebowski.

It’s really a tender moment, you now? Walter and the Dude are scattering the ashes of Donny, a good bowler, a sweet prince, a veritable child who wanders in the middle … well, you get the picture: tender.

And while Walter typically overblows it, it’s this resignation and hug between the two friends that carry it. They have no one but each other: flaws and all. And that’s what true friendship is, isn’t it: at the end of the day, it’s all about acceptance.

The scene is the emotional anchor to the whole movie, which scatters hither and yon, amid kidnappings and nail polish and art and marmots and f-bombs and rich people and bums who always (well, most of the time) lose. It grounds the film and makes the whole movie every bit as stupefying as anything you’ll see on the screen … and in English, too.

Here’s the whole scene. See for yourself, but keep the sound down. I still don’t know why he has to use s’many cuss words.


So, that’s my random confession of the day: I’ve been known to tear up during The Big Lebowski. What’s your confession?


3 thoughts on “Random Confession of the Day

  1. I tear up during the opening line of “We are Marshall” and often don’t stop until the credits. I should not watch “We are Marshall” anymore.

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