Conspiracy theory of the day: Avengers just a shill for Shell

So, watched The Avengers for the umpteenth time at the cheap theater the other day and I finally figured out the moral of the story: alternate and non-petroleum energy sources suck … or, are at least dangerous.

Think about it, while the government is looking to weaponize that blue cube-y thing, aliens from other planets use it to invade our world. And how do the aliens invade our world? By using the ONE building in all of New York that is off the electric grid, utilizing a self-sustaining energy source that is not polluting the air.

There’s a similar sentiment in The Dark Knight Rises. Wayne, Inc. has developed a key green energy resource, but refuses to develop it further because it “could fall into the wrong hands.” So instead to evolving the idea further to prevent its weaponization, they just shelve it.

Who’s underwriting these movies, BP? The Illuminati? KFC and the other six transnational corporations controlling every aspect of our lives?

These movies seem to promote key American themes, such as

  • the promotion of the status quo (while packaged as progressive), and
  • the fear of true, impactful technology (as opposed to, say, the new iPhone … which more of a distraction than an impaction … I know that’s not the right usage there, but, hey, it rhymes, so get off my back. I’m not jealous that you have one and I don’t …)

I have no grand, sweeping statements here, it’s just something I noticed. Did you? What do you think?


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