Happy birthday Bill Murray!

I know I’ve posted this animated gif before, but it’s a special occasion. Happy Birthday to one of the greatest living actors (and acting zombies) of all time … Bill Murray!

I’m not sure when he moved from “greatest comedic actors” to just “greatest actor,” but I have a feeling that most people would say Lost in Translation, for better or worse, was involved. My personal feeling is that Wes Anderson had more to do with it. Herman Blume, anyone?

What do you think? Is he an elite actor? What roles helped you shape that view? Is he just a classic character actor? What characters are most memorable? Can character actors be elite actors? (OK … now I’m in my test-creation mode, so I need to stop!)

I’m really hoping he gets an Oscar nod this year for Hyde Park on Hudson.

I was going to make some stupid top five list, but, let’s face it, there’s already enough of them … so I’ll stick with the gif. How many can you name?


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