Thrift store find: Wonder Woman publicity photo

Found this beauty in a pile of black and whites at a local antique/thrift/junk store. The picture grabbed me like the lasso of truth.

Oh Lynda Carter, how you shaped my preteen years …

I remember watching the TV show as a child, putting it in the same slot with Bill Bixby’s The Incredible Hulk and the Saturday morning Shazam!/Isis Power Hour. Even at that young age, I think I knew that plots were secondary to Wonder Woman’s va-va-va-voom-uniform. Me-ow.

And that element (the “va-va-va-voom” one) is probably the reason why Wonder Woman, the character, has never gotten the same treatment as her DC mates Superman (five films and another next year; at least two live-action TV shows) or Batman (seven films). Granted, there may be a new TV show on the horizon and a rumored movie, but she pales in comparison to her other label mates.

Even Green Lantern got his own movie. Sheesh. What’s an Amazonian got to do?

Women superheroes still aren’t believable, I guess.

Maybe that glass plane she flies around in doubles as a glass ceiling, too.

(Side note: what’s the difference between an antique, thrift and junk store? Price is my guess. What’s yours!)


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