Shark, meet Taken 2 …

Taken 2, meet Shark. Now … jump!

I’ll be the first to tell you I generally like Liam Neeson movies, but when I saw the trailer for Taken 2 I cringed and I think a little part of me died on the inside.

I mean, I was around for Prison Break Season 2, you know … I watched all 8 of the terrible, no-good, very bad days of Jack Bauer

It was a similar feeling when watching this trailer. In Prison Break, I spent all of season 1 watching the brothers beat the system and break out … only to end up in another prison?!? Come on!

So Liam Neeson rescues his daughter only to get himself and his family kidnapped again?!? Can someone get John McLane, on the phone?

So as cringe-worthy as the premise of the movie is, I think I’m really cringing because, well, I know I’ll go see this movie. And probably, on some level, enjoy it (cringe!)



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