Mars Attacks! sketch card

Pulled this Mars Attacks! Heritage sketch card from the absolute last pack from a box at Target the other day.

Whew! It pretty much rounds out the set … unless I make a run for the green and the silver parallel sets.

The back of the card is signed “Miller,” which, after a little bit of trolling around, is Brian Miller, who, I assume is the author of this book and who answered these 10 questions. He has also produced sketch cards for Topps’ Star Wars and Indiana Jones lines.

He also may or may not be a featured artist for Gallery One in Naples, Fla., which would be cool because that would mean he lives in Sarasota, which isn’t too far from here. If anyone can confirm this, I’d really appreciate it.

Anyway, the Mars Attacks! cards are classic old-style cards, on thick cardboard with vibrant color. They remind me of the 1966 Batman sets. And while the 2012 reprints are not as cool as the 50-year-old originals, this set is good enough.

For now.

Here’s the back of the card:

“Congratulations! You now own a one-of-a-kind piece of art, hand-drawn for Mars Attacks! The creative process behind the original Mars Attacks! (1962) involved a number of talented artists at various stages, with drawings by Wally Wood and Bob Powell, and paintings by Maurice Blumefeld and Norman Saunders. Their artwork magnificently captured the mayhem and terror at the heart of the story, which has endured in the public’s imagination for the last 50 years. Now a contemporary group of artists have reinterpreted that classic artwork as sketch cards for new generations to enjoy, including this piece, which you now hold in your hands.”


5 thoughts on “Mars Attacks! sketch card

    • I think you click that “Take the Ramble With You” thing on the side … But I’m not sure. I’ve never subscribed! How’s things half a world away?

      • Ok, I’ll have a look, thank you!

        Things are as you’d expect them half a world away. 🙂 Sometimes good, sometimes not so much, but overall, I can’t complain. You keeping “Phoenix” (Jared) in line?

      • Maaaan, if you asked me that two days ago, I very well might have jumped ship! I was in a real mood. The idea of movie nite is a comfortable one. I miss it sometimes.

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