Off-topic movie review: That’s My Boy

Let’s face it, if you’re going to see an Adam Sandler movie, you should know what you’re going to get:

  • 20 minutes of acting that’s so bad while they set up the plot that you wonder what the heck you’re doing in the theater
  • 50-60 minutes of grossly shocking things that make you laugh so hard you can’t believe you’re laughing so hard
  • 15-20 minutes of the bad acting again as the movie turns to bring home whatever moral can be found after the boobs, farts, crude humor and incest jokes, but you put up with it because the middle part was so oddly funny (and part of you hates to admit it).
  • Ending credits.

But there’s another element to a Sandler movie that typically stands out: the soundtrack.

That’s My Boy had a good soundtrack. Such a good soundtrack, in fact, that you can buy it … nowhere (but most of us already have the songs).

The shocker: This little gem from one of the all-time great indie bands — The Replacements:

This song is from arguably their best album Let It Be. I love every song on that album, from the opening of “I Will Dare,” through the weirdly humorous “Androgynous” to the Kiss “Black Diamond” cover all the way to this song down to “Answering Machine.”

When it came on during the movie, it just put a warm smile on my face, and helped erase any of the movie’s shortcomings.

So thanks a lot Mr. Sandler … even if your plot points don’t surprise anymore, your musical choices do. Pleasantly so.

But that’s a little off topic.


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