William Shakespeare was an idiot

If the movie The Hunger Games taught us anything, it’s that William Shakespeare was a short-sighted idiot.

(Note: before you read further, let me tell you that I haven’t read the three books, so, you know, don’t come with a “But-the-book” thing. I don’t care).

I mean, if The Hunger Games was written by the Bard, Katniss and and Peeta would have eaten the berries, providing a tragic, but poignant, ending to the movie. Face it: it’d be memorable.

But then there’d be no sequel. There’d be no franchise. There’d be no backpacks, lunchboxes, trading cards, pins, t-shirts … there’d be no stuff.

If Shakespeare would have been smart, Romeo would have woken up in time to stop the blade. Romeo and Juliet would spend the next two plays uniting/conquering their families and, together, building a better society, a society where they were in charge and their love ruled.

But he wasn’t. He was thinking about, you know, story. He was thinking about impact.

And because of it, think of all the product endorsements he missed. I’ll bet he didn’t even negotiate back points on Romeo and Juliet.

Sheesh. Let’s face it Juliet … you’re no Katniss.


4 thoughts on “William Shakespeare was an idiot

  1. I will say the writer gets pretty ballsy in terms of what she puts her “heros” through. There are no real happy endings in The Hunger Games, but a lot of that doesn’t translate to the screen that well.

    • Thanks for commenting. I kind of wanted to delve into the books, but it got so close to the movie’s release date, I figured reading it would taint my movie experience.

      At least it’s better than that Twilight mess … unless, of course, you’re a Twilight fan, then just ignore this last sentence! Haha

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Ha, no I haven’t been able to read more than a paragraph of Twilight without asking “Is this a joke?”. The Hunger Games books are much better written and Collins really puts these characters through hell. A big element in the book that doesn’t translate is Katniss’ confusion over what is real and what is for the audience between her and Peeta. They have a very complicated relationship that is hard to show. I liked that there’s a love triangle but they never have a showdown or pressure her to choose, they have bigger shit going on.

    • That’s what I heard, too. I’ll probably check out the books eventually, but the movie was OK enough for now.

      Thanks for posting!

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