Free mp3: Japandroids

Aside from having one of the coolest band names ever, I don’t know too much about Japandroids (although Wikipedia has an entry, so, you know it’s legit!).

However, after downloading The House that Heaven Built for free, off their latest album, maybe I should get to know more of them. Maybe you should too. It’s got that head-bobbing, sing-a-long feel that is good for driving. People crazy. There’s an undertone of anger in the Celebration Rock (that’s one of those rock reviewers word twists that plays with the album title in a tongue-in-cheek way: 10 points … feel free to play along). It’s a Godzilla of a song (another word twist, this one a nod to Japan and droids … and somehow Godzilla plays a part in the cultural connotation of those words … 5 points, since there’s not a literal connection, Dude … your roll).

I also like the fact that there’s no Capital-T “The” in front of the name. It’s just Japandroids, not The Japandroids. You gotta respect that, right

Give it a listen and tell me how late to the party I am!


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