Nerd news: James Bond autograph card

Pulled this Frank McRae autograph card from a pack of Rittenhouse James Bond 50th Anniversary cards. He plays Bond’s friend Sharkey in the film License to Kill, a movie I have not seen.

However, I have seem many of this former football player’s films, including that short stint in the 1980s when I was into the film version of Hemingway’s Cannery Row. Anyone remember that one?

His best-known role in a least-known film, though, is as Pvt. Ogden Johnson Jones in the oft-derided/oft-defended Steven Spielberg movie, 1941. Anyone remember that one? Here’s the trailer:

Anyway, to recap:

  • pulled this card of a guy most people have seen, but don’t know,
  • most people have never heard of Cannery Row,
  • most of the same people hated 1941.

Is that obscure enough for ya?


2 thoughts on “Nerd news: James Bond autograph card

    • I’m sure I watched it at your house! The most I remember is that Nick Nolte-Debra Winger dance scene for some reason!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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