Now boarding: Bill Murray Oscar Bandwagon 2012

Remember that time in 2003-2004 when we pulled for Bill Murray to win an Oscar for his performance in Lost in Translation? Deep down, we all knew he had no shot (before you google it, the Oscar went to Sean Penn’s crying performance in Mystic River), but that didn’t stop us from hoping, did it?

Well, brush off your jacket and get your tickets now. The bandwagon is now boarding.

I just saw the trailer for Hyde Park on Hudson before Moonrise Kingdom, and from the first moment Murray shows up on screen, it smelled of Oscar push. It’s got all the signs, right?

  • The film is marketed as more of an art film than blockbuster.
  • He’s playing a historic figure.
  • It doesn’t seem like a typical Murray role. (Critics will probably use the term “stretched” here)
  • There’s still enough of Murray to make it appealing.

Does anyone else see this too?

Let’s start making our Bill Murray banners and watch it unfold over the next 6-7 months, shall we?


4 thoughts on “Now boarding: Bill Murray Oscar Bandwagon 2012

  1. Yeah, I saw this trailer before a showing of Moonrise Kingdom too. Since Meryl won it for The Iron Lady Margaret Hatcher why not Murray for a nice turn as FDR. Not only do we get FDR but we also get the King and Queen of England in for a nice weekend. It seems to be set up perfectly with a Dec 7th release date. Dec 7th is also Pearl Harbor Day and FDR put us into the WWII shortly thereafter. I think the film will garner a ton of nominations. And Oscar loves history doesn’t he? So I am with you on this one

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