Thrift store find: The Little White House

Visited one of my favorite second-hand book stores recently and came across this little gem: The Ginn Basic Readers’ The Little White House, Revised Edition. I had this edition in my house growing up and honed my reading skills in its pages.

Of course I had to get it. If it’s good enough for the old man, it should be good enough for the kiddies, don’t you think?

This is the 1961 edition written by “David H. Russell and others” according to the title page. Though it isn’t in great condition, it seems to be in pretty good condition considering the age and all the students who passed it around. There are seven names on the inside flap, and I don’t know if that means it was used for seven years, or seven nine weeks. Anyone have a clue? (click for a larger picture)

According to the Book Safari,

“The Ginn Basic Readers, issued by Ginn & Company, were in use in schools from the 1940’s through the early 1960’s. Authors contributing to this collection include David H. Russell, Odille Ousley, Gretchen Wulfing and others.”

What’s interesting, though, is that neither the book title nor Ginn & Company have a distinct entry in Wikipedia. Ginn and Company is mentioned in other entries, for example, as being a part of Prentice Hall or being owned by Anthenaeum Press or being housed in Hancock Manor. The book gets similar treatment, being mentioned as part of authors’ pages.

So, obviously, the question is this: if it isn’t mentioned in Wikipedia, does the item hold cultural significance? Oh sure, it’s significant to me and other people who like old books and remember this one specifically. But, culturally, if it isn’t deemed worthy of a Wikipedia page, does it hold any wider significance?

Do you remember this book? Do you have a copy?

Share your thoughts and reflections, please.


One thought on “Thrift store find: The Little White House

  1. It was a school book used in the first grade it follow the primers the little red story book, #2 the little green story book followed by #3 the little green story book my kids learned to read from them and I taught my granddaughter from the when she was 4. I have the whole ginn series. Great books good find. Enjoy. Patsy

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