Sketch card mystery, day 2: Solved?

I normally don’t write about something two day sin a row, but this sketch card mystery has got me intrigued. I think I’ve (re)identified the artist, but there’s still a few questions I’d like to know.

First off, thanks to everyone who snooped around yesterday. Here’s what happened so far:

  • First off, thanks to Carly Monardo, who checked in on Twitter and said the card wasn’t hers. (That’s pretty awesome she took the time to do that, don’t you think?)
  • Hats off to TC, who pointed out that the “Hero” on the bottom right of the card was part of the Hero Initiative, a “federally-chartered not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping comic book creators in financial need” (according to its Twitter feed).

So, with that information, a quick Google search with “hero initiative,” “carly” and “sketch card” led me to this page and the name Carly Mizzou Wagner.

After comparing the card on the website with the card I have, it’s obvious that this is the same artist. The nose, specifically, but the overall style is the giveaway. Plus a Google search of the name provides other evidence.

So, the first (and main) mystery seems to be solved, although confirmation would be nice.

But I’d still like to know the other questions:

  • Who is the subject? (rouschel guessed it was Vash the Stampede … though I must admit I have no idea who that is other than what Wikipedia tells me.)
  • When was it drawn?
  • Where?

So please keep digging (as I will) and we’ll solve this mystery in no time!



2 thoughts on “Sketch card mystery, day 2: Solved?

  1. I was able to discover a LinkedIn and a MySpace profile of Carly Mizzou Wagner. It seems she is quite the social media artist 🙂 She now does the art for a comic called “Creepy Cute” or somesuch. The hub for all that can be found here:
    Still not sure how to contact her though for a verdict on the sketch card..

    • Thanks for checking it out! I’m still waiting on a confirmation. I sent a tweet … we’ll see.

      Thanks again!

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