Nerd news: Sketch card mystery

A friend of mine sent along this sketch card recently. Don’t you love nice surprises?

Being a novice to the whole sketch card thing, I am unsure of a lot of things, but here’s what I’ve deduced thus far:

  • The sketch seems to be from artist Carly Monardo (granted, the big “Carly” on the bottom of the card was a giveaway).
  • It’s not part of a card set, and, judging from the type of card used (the back is blank), it must have been hand-drawn by the artist at a show.

However, I have no idea of the following:

  • What’s the “Hero” logo in the bottom right corner? A brand? The name of the show?
  • Who is the subject of the sketch?
  • When was it drawn?
  • Where?

If anyone can answer some of the questions for me, I would appreciate the knowledge.

Comment below so we all can know. (Hey … maybe that’ll be my new mantra …)


5 thoughts on “Nerd news: Sketch card mystery

  1. The Hero logo is for the Hero Initiative, an industry organization that provides financial relief to artists. I’m not sure about the subject, though…

    • Thanks for checking things out for me … the info is getting a little clearer, though I haven’t found a definite smoking gun. I’ll write up an update tomorrow …

      Thanks for commenting!

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